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Temporary Excavation Shoring

Chris-Hill has years of experience in excavation shoring and protection. We custom design and install shoring systems to fit project specific needs.

Memphis TN Soil Nail Wall

Adams Street Juvenile Center

A temporary soil nail wall was used to shore an excavation next to an existing building. 

Vicksburg Soil Nail Wall

Vicksburg MS River Bluff Soil Nail Wall

A permanent soil nail wall with shotcrete facing was installed on the Mississippi River near Vicksburg, MS to prevent further bank erosion.

Nucor Laydown

Nucor Slag Processing Sheet Piling

Permanent sheet piles were installed as part of a slag removal and processing area at Nucor in Blytheville, AR.

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Valero Refining Utility Bridge

Sheets piling was used to make a temporary coffer dam to allow for construction of a bridge bent in the middle of Nonconnah Creek.


Access Shafts for Tunnel Boring Machine

A soldier pile timber lag wall was installed to allow for boring of new sewer pipes in downtown Memphis.


Fedex Forum Basement

Chris-Hill installed a soldier pile timber lag wall with soil nail tiebacks to shore excavation for Memphis's Fedex Forum basement.

Bore Pit.jpg

Downtown Memphis Sewer System Replacement Access Shafts

A 30 foot diameter liner plate shoring system was installed to allow for installation of a new sanitary sewer manhole and bored pipes. 

West Memphis

West Memphis Sewer Repair

Chris-Hill installed liner plate shoring systems to replace a number of sanitary sewer manholes.

Sheet Piles
Soil Nail Walls
Soldier Pile Lag
Plate Shoring
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