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Heavy Civil Construction


Chris-Hill has been a major player in the world of heavy civil construction in Shelby County and the surrounding areas since the company's inception in 1965. 


Bridge and Roadway 

Chris-Hill has built and repaired hundreds of vehicle, pedestrian, and railroad bridges over the last 55+ years. We perform bridgework and roadwork as a GC or subcontractor.


From runway paving, to passenger boarding bridge construction, to control tower work, Chris-Hill has served Shelby County airports in a number of capacities over the years. 

Drainage Structures

Chris-Hill furnishes and installs pre-cast concrete structures and pipes for various drainage and pump station applications. 

Slope Stabilization 

We restore slopes and prevent bank erosion through a number of methods, working with owners and GCs to provide the best design build solution.

Concrete Paving

Chris-Hill's concrete paving machines are capable of installing concrete for sidewalks, parking lots, aircraft pavement, etc. 

Retaining Walls

We specialize in the installation of MSE walls, cast-in-place walls, permanent soldier pile concrete lag walls, block walls, sound barrier walls, etc.

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