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Water/Wastewater Projects

Chris-Hill is a major water/wastewater contractor in Shelby County and the surrounding counties. Projects range from minor plant maintenance to entire new facility construction. 

Millington Wastewater Treatment Plant Screw Pump Replacement

The screw pump pumping system at Millington's wastewater pumping station was replaced with electric submersible pumps to keep up with increasing plant volume. 

Maxson WWTP Lagoon Cover Replacement

The damaged cover over a 20 acre wastewater lagoon in Memphis's Maxson WWTP was removed and replaced. 

Stiles Wastewater Treatment Plant Disinfection Tank Upgrades

Chris-Hill cleaned, repaired, and installed baffles in one of Memphis's two wastewater treatment plants as part of a major disinfection tank upgrade project.

Collierville Wastewater Treatment Facility

Two new 100 foot diameter wastewater clarifier tanks were installed as part of a complete plant expansion to increase wastewater plant capacity.

MLGW Mallory Pumping Station Washwater Recovery Basin

Chris-Hill installed a massive storage tank to help reuse water at one of Memphis's drinking water treatment plants.

Germantown Hypochlorite Tank Replacement

An existing chemical storage system for a drinking water treatment facility was replaced in Germantown, TN.

West Memphis Storm Water Pump Station Repair

Leaking valves on three 54 inch storm water pipes were removed and replaced. To prevent further settling of the pipes, helical piers and concrete saddles were installed under the pipes.

Johnson Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility Pump Station

Chris-Hill installed a 50 foot deep sewage pumping station in Desoto County, MS to increase wastewater plant treatment capabilities.

Pump Station
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