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Deep Foundations

Chris-Hill is capable of installing most any type of deep foundation system. We install foundations as a GC or subcontractor and travel throughout the midsouth to install micropiles, helical piers, ductile iron piles and drilled piers.


Fayetteville, AR VA Micropiles

Eighteen micropiles were installed to bedrock to reinforce the footing of the VA's laundry building expansion. 

Lucite Micropiles

Memphis, TN Lucite Plant Micropiles

Micropiles were installed to reinforce a furnace foundation. Due to the limited access, a "man-portable" drill was used.

Hotel Louis Micropiles

Wilson, AR Hotel Louis Micropiles

Micropiles were installed to reinforce an existing column inside a building that is over 100 years old. 


Silo Foundation Reinforcement Micropiles

Chris-Hill drilled and installed micropiles through an existing silo foundation to reinforce a footing that was settling. 

Appling Farms Helicals

Memphis, TN Appling Farms Helical Piers

Helicals were used as the deep foundation for a slab repair inside an existing warehouse.

Greenway Helicals

Memphis, TN Wolf River Greenway Boardwalk Helical Piers

Helicals were installed to support an elevated concrete pedestrian boardwalk.

Daltile Ductile Iron Piles.jpg

Dickson, TN Silo Foundation Ductile Iron Piles

Ductile Iron Piles were installed inside a Daltile plant for support of a future storage silo.

Chris-Hill Construction TR-50-65 Guyed Tower Anchors  Fisher AR.jpg

Fisher, AR Guyed Tower Drilled Shafts

Drilled Piers were installed as guyed wire tension tiebacks for a cell phone tower

Chris-Hill Construction TR-50-65 Gerdau Project Jackson TN.jpg

Jackson, TN Gerdau Plant Drilled Shafts

Chris-Hill drilled open shafts for drilled piers to be poured by others.

Chris-Hill Construction TR-50-65 Shoring Wall Oxford MS.jpg

Oxford, MS Soldier Pile Drilled Shafts

Shafts were drilled for installation of steel soldier piles for a soldier pile with concrete lagging retaining wall.

UT-Memphis Parking Garage Auger-Cast.jpg

UT-Memphis Parking Garage Auger-Cast Piles

Chris-Hill installed ACPs for a parking garage in downtown Memphis.

Rhodes College Library Auger-Cast.jpg

Rhodes College Library Auger-Cast Piles

Auger-Cast Piles were installed underneath a new library at Rhodes College in Memphis.


Enid Lake Fishing Pier 

Concrete piles were driven as the foundations for a fishing pier in Enid Lake near Batesville, MS.


Memphis International Airport Glycol Bridges

Over 1000 driven steel H-Piles were installed as the deep foundation system for aircraft bridges.


Arkabutla Lake Spillway Bridge

Steel H-Pile foundations were installed to support bridge abutments and bents.


Wolf River Blvd Bridge

Pipe Piles were installed as the bridge bent foundations for this project in Germantown, TN.

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