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Miscellaneous Projects

Chris-Hill has the employees and equipment to perform most any civil construction project. Here are a few of our more interesting miscellaneous projects performed over the past few years.

White River Dam #2 Repairs

Grout was pumped into bags to create grout columns to reinforce an old set of stairs on a leaky dam.

Earthen Dam Repair with Grout Injection

A grout injection method was used to fill voids in a dam surrounding a pond at Chris-Hill's main office. Water continually leaked through the dam before the voids were plugged with grout.

Cargill Roadway Grout Injection

A Beretta drill rig was used to drill through existing pavement and fill a sinkhole with grout that had been discovered under a roadway at Cargill's Memphis plant.

Ductile Iron Pile Tension Load Test

Chris-Hill installed and performed a static tensile capacity load test to 50 kips on a production ductile iron pile for a project in Dickson, TN.

Little Rock Air Force Base Foundation Lifting

Chris-Hill lifted three façades that were settling away from a building at the Little Rock Airforce Base. Helical piers with a lifting bracket connected to the footings and hydraulic jacks were used to raise the building entrances.

Poplar Avenue Bridge Jacking

Chris-Hill raised an existing bridge on Poplar Ave in Memphis, TN to create more headroom under the bridge for traffic on Interstate 240. 

foundation lifting
Pile testing
Grout Injection
Bridge Jacking
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