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Soldier Pile with Lagging Walls

Soldier pile lag walls are an excellent permanent retaining wall or temporary shoring option for situations with limited room and no vibration allowed. 

Why Soldier Pile Lag Walls?

Soldier piles are typically a more economical alternate to sheet piles. Steel H-piles are installed into the ground at a set interval and either wood, concrete, or steel lagging is connected to the piles as facing. 


Soldier pile lag walls can be used in any shoring situation with somewhat cohesive soil and limited groundwater. These walls are sturdy and can resist high surcharge loads. 

How it's done

H-piles are first installed into the ground to a pre-engineered depth and interval. As soil is excavated, lagging is installed either within the flanges of the piles, or welded to the face of the piles in a top-down method to ensure the excavation is always protected. 


Soldier pile with lagging walls can be installed with no disruption to the surrounding area. They are typically less expensive than sheet pile walls and stronger than soil nail walls. 


Chris-Hill has installed over a hundred soldier pile lag walls over the past 50 years for various applications.

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