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Sheet Pile Walls

Sheet pile walls can be temporary or permanent and are typically the sturdiest shoring system.

Why Sheet Piles?

Sheet piles can be used in any shoring situation where vibration is allowed.


Sheet piles are the heavy duty shoring option. They can be used to create coffer dams, hold back significant heights of soil, or support surcharge loads above an excavation. 

How it's done

Pairs of sheet piles are vibrated into the ground to a designed depth with a vibratory hydraulic hammer attached to an excavator or crane. Additional sheets are connected to the driven sheets by tongue and grooves. If temporary, sheets are vibrated out of the ground once the excavation has been backfilled.


Sheet piles walls can be designed to hold back most any type of load, in any soil condition, and with any groundwater issues. They are durable and relatively quick to install. 


Chris-Hill has been installing sheet piles for over 50 years. Many of our sheet piling projects have been with various railroad projects, as they require steel sheet piles when shoring along railroad tracks.

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