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Liner Plate Shoring

Liner plate excavation shoring systems are an excellent way to safeguard vertical shaft excavations.

Why Liner Plates?

Liner plate shoring is typically applied in situations requiring full sided vertical shoring and can be installed without using a crane. 


Liner plate systems can be selected for any shaft excavation and are typically applied when repairing or installing manholes and pipes. This system can be installed in most any soil type even if ground water is present.

How it's done

Liner plate systems are engineered and fabricated for specific excavation diameters. As with soil nail and soldier pile timber lag shoring, liner plate shoring is constructed in a "top-down" method. 1-ft tall by 3-ft wide curved corrugated steel plates are first bolted together in a circle on top of the existing dirt elevation. As soil is excavated, subsequent rings of liner plates are bolted to the bottom of the previous ring to ensure a continuous safe excavation. 


Liner plates systems can be used to support any vertical shaft excavation. The plates are lightweight and do not require machinery to be lifted, permitting installation in areas with overhead powerlines or limited headroom. 


Chris-Hill has installed a number of liner plate shoring systems in Memphis and the surrounding areas.

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